terms of customization service | custom art gift without "little frames"

Open for commission now


  • For personal use only, commercial use will be charged more, ask for the price before purchase.

  • Slowlywarmco/Slowlistudio reserves the right to use the final work for  sample and portfolio unless it is agreed as a commercial commission.

  • There may be extra charge based on your photos, see details in this link: HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR ART AND MAKE THE PURCHASE

  • After purchase, you will receive a customization form in your email within two business days, where you can customize and submit your photos. 

  • Usually, the painting process takes 3 to 4 weeks (time start to count when the order was placed, customer has to submit the customization form within one week to have the art piece finish within 4 weeks), then plus shipping time (see your shipping time on check out page)

  • If you have a flexible time frame, you do not have to submit the  customization form within one week after place the order. However, it must be submitted within a month, and the art piece has to be finished within 3 months. Longer than 3 months (due to customer's reason, for example, not responding to email result in the painting process cannot move forward), the piece will be terminated and no refund will be issued.(Because my commission availabilities are limited and one spot was occupied for the order) [Please feel free to contact me if you have any concern~]
  • Painting references must include pictures, cannot be text only. Pictures need to be clear to draw from.

  • Make sure you fill out the form carefully since any changes during or after the painting process based on the form won't be accepted or may require extra charge.

  • After the purchase, note that you will be contacted through your email during your art processing time. Please be ACTIVE~ Your email responding time may affect on the painting process time. Which means the regular turnaround time may extend longer than 4 weeks depends on your responding time. ( Usually to reply within 2 days after the email send from slowlywarmco/slowlistudio should be fine~ )

  • Let me know if you have a specific deadline, especially for orders with physical print. Any order need to be finished within 1-3 weeks may require a $50-150 expedite fee (depends on how emergency), email me at slowlywarmco@gmail.com to check availability and price before check out if you need expedite service. 

  • International order is only available for the digital version.

  • Slowlywarmco reserves the right to refuse the commission.

  • Each month is only open for 15-25 commissions. Overbooked commissions will be canceled within two business days, and fully refund.

  • No refund when the painting process starts. Please understand this is a 100% time and effort consuming project. Only if your project is finished later than the promised processing time (due to my issue), partly refund may be issued. So PLEASE make sure to let me know any thoughts or concerns you have before your place the order or before the painting process starts!

  • If customer wants to cancel the order after the customization form is reviewed at my end(before painting process starts), refund will be issued, but a $30 consulting fee will be charged.


Thanks so much for your time! 


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. DM me @slowlistudio or email me at slowlywarmco@gmail.com